Pressemelding EMHF

Gruppebilde etter møtet

De europeiske landene samt land rundt Middelhavet samles hvert år i konferanse, i år var forsamlingen i Athen. I 2019 vil generalforsamlingen være i Oslo i forbindelse med 17. mai.

The Acropolis provided the spectacular backdrop for the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation’s General Assembly this year, which was held at the Ionic Centre, Athens. Brian Kavanagh, EMHF Chairman, remarked:

“I am most grateful to the Jockey Club of Greece, our newest member country, for hosting this year’s General Assembly and delighted that the turnout of 20 countries equalled our previous record.”

All countries confirmed that they had either already introduced the new world standard for the treatment of interference cases - which was adopted by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (the EMHF’s parent body) in October 2017 - or would do so by the end of the year. This will see a harmonised interference rule across the European and Mediterranean region and follows the staging of two EMHF Seminars on the subject earlier in the year.

The EMHF welcomed the Lithuanian Horse Racing Association as the new member organisation for that country. The LHRA was appointed last year by the Lithuanian Government as its governing authority for horseracing and received an inspection visit by EMHF Secretary-General, Paull Khan, in November. Lithuania’s sole racecourse is at Raseiniai, mid-way between the capital Vilnius and the Baltic Sea.

Delegates heard presentations from Danish Jockey Club CEO Peter Knudsen on recent changes to the betting laws in his country, from Paull Khan on lessons to be drawn from European Commission decisions on the statutory funding of horseracing, and on the WhipChip from its inventors Ferhat and Erin Tigrel.

Brian Kavanagh concluded: “the Federation is a very good way for racing authorities to exchange views and best practice and to learn from each other.  Now eight years old, it continues to promote horse racing in the region.”



Notes for Editors

The European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation represents 28 Racing Authorities. It is the regional body of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. See  

The main objective of the EMHF is to develop relations among European and Mediterranean Horseracing Authorities, to coordinate promotion of horseracing in Europe and in Mediterranean countries, to defend its integrity and prestige throughout the world and to represent Europe and Mediterranean countries before IFHA.

Among its principal tasks are to:

  • -  establish close and lasting relations among Horseracing Authorities.
  • -  exchange information on any change in the rules of one Member that could be of common interest for racing and breeding in general.
  • -  publish European and Mediterranean statistics accessible to all members,
  • -  support the developing racing countries,
  • -  represent the interests of European horseracing before the European


Article 32, 5 of the International Agreement on Breeding, Racing and Wagering reads:

Protests / Objections

If, in the opinion of the Staging Authority’s relevant judicial body, a horse or its rider causes interference and finishes in front of the horse interfered with but irrespective of the incident(s) the sufferer would not have finished ahead of the horse causing the interference, the judge’s placings will remain unaltered.

If, in the opinion of the Staging Authority’s relevant judicial body, a horse or its rider causes interference and finishes in front ot h the horse interfered with and if not for the incident(s) the sufferer would have finished ahead of the horse causing the interference, the interferer will be placed immediately behind the sufferer.

Racing Authorities may, within their Rules, provide for the disqualification of a horse from a race in circumstances in which the Staging Authority’s relevant judicial body deems that the rider has ridden in a dangerous manner.



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